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STS Tires Sizes

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My 05 STS with 17s needs new tires on all corners. I'm going to stick with Michelins but would like to acheive a couple other cosmetic goals. I'd like to fill out the rear wheel wells more with larger diameter and wider tires. Can you recommend what looks best using the OEM 17 inch alloys?

I'm OK with the speedo changes and my research here looks like I'm not going to have any ABS issues. Ideally, 265s in the rear and 255s up front but not sure what 'middle numbers' I need in the tire size to fill up the wheel wells best.

265/??/R17 in the rear and 255/??/R17 up front? Thank you.
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Bought 4 Falken 235/50/17 tires. Falken rated 1st by consumer reports (Nov 07). I find it about 50% quieter that standard Michelins. Has great performance around corners. Great on wet traction. 40K mileage tire. No pro rated.
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