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I have an STS export model with the Northstar engine and the water pump has started to leak.

I was thinking of fitting a new one myself but the workshop manual I have doesn’t help at all, saying that a special expensive tool is needed for water pump removal and advising me to “go to a dealer.”

Does anyone know if this job can be done at home without this mystery “special expensive tool”? - and if so, how difficult is it?

2002.5 F55 CORSA STS, 2014 Explorer XLT FWD
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It can NOT be done without the special socket and a GM/Cadillac service manual ( online). Special techniques and torque values. The w/p assembly unlocks with great force clockwise and, correctly oriented, locks in to 73 lb/ft counterclockwise.

Water pump socket gif.jpg
water pump in crossover.jpg
water pump capsule.jpg
Water pump socket-strap.gif
Thermostat and cover diagram.gif
Pulley and tensioner (Notes).JPG
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