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sts 2000 catalic problem

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im arthur from czeck republic. i have a sts 2000 since a couple years.
I must replace my catalic converter, in the workshop they told me it cost more than 2300 dollar.
i dont believe it.
I wonder if i could take out the converter and weld a tube between the 2 tube endings. i think its more cheap and more power.
Would this work or do i need to order a catatlic converter on the internet.

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It would be best to replace it with an operational catalytic converter. You can get them for a very reasonable cost over the internet. There is no need to install a catalytic converter specific to your car (that is probably why they are saying it's so much money). Have them weld in a universal catalytic converter. They are about 150 US dollars. I don't know how much that is in your money.
There is an aft CAT o2 sensor that will set DTC's if the CAT is removed and will likely try to compensate by adjusting (probably leaning out) the fuel mixture.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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