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Strut Mount Quality Question

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My 2011 DTS needs strut mounts. The ones for the FE3 (Platinum) cars are pretty hard to find. OE are expensive, about $120 each with the bushings.

Because of that I'm considering Mevotech. I've used their stuff before on other vehicles and I don't believe I've ever had an issue. FYI, I normally to not skinp and almost always go AC Delco, but it's pretty cost prohibitive here.

Anyone have any issue with Mevotech in general?
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I've heard good reviews on Mevotech, but have no experience with them personally.
Thank you, they're just so much less costly, I'm a little worried about quality. I have this question posted in about 4 different places and you are the first one to actually answer the questions and not doubt the fact of whether I actually need strut mounts or not LOL This has been and odd posting for sure
LOL Happy to help. I hate it when that happens, I want an answer to my question, THEN I will debate the necessity of my repair!

Basscatt, the resident suspension expert in the FWD DeVille forum, has recommended Mevotech parts to me in the past, and from what I've seen in the RockAuto newsletter they seem to get good marks. If you're looking to save a few bucks I would say you can't go wrong, so long as they are specified for FE3 Suspension.
They are specific to FE3 and oddly, they're the only ones that offer those. All the rest are FE1
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