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Lorinser E-Class Sedan Long Version

We have achieved an excellent standing within the branch, even for many years,

by means of their elegant and powerful modifications.

The Lorinser E-Class Sedan Long Version immediately catches one´s eye. For the

model from Winnenden is 1046 millimeters longer than the basic version. This

means more than one meter. Lorinser realized this singular project in cooperation

with technology partner Binz GmbH. Strechting it by more than one meter makes

the E-Class a real stretched limo, which catches people´s eyes – for sure.

Additionally the Mercedes specialists have designed an extensive aerodynamics

package, making the E-Class a unique designer piece. The broad spoiler bumper

Edition, containing two additional integrated fog lights, gives the long version a

striking and powerful face. Its muscular appearance is even intensified by the front

fender extensions Edition. At the back the deep rear apron with rear lip draws

everyone´s attention. Especially striking is the exhaust rear muffler Edition, which

has been perfectly integrated into the apron. The aerodynamics package is

completed by an unobtrusive rear wing.

But the highlight of the Lorinser E-Class Sedan Long Version is the bodywork´s

stretching. It becomes mainly noticeable in the interior. The single seats have been

exchanged for a full-width center seat bench, which can be adjusted electrically.

Moreover a second independent air-condition system has been integrated for the

rear passenger compartment. The Lorinser E-Class Sedan Long Version contains

pure luxury features inside and outside, and proudly demonstrates them.

The elegant concept of the Lorinser

E-Class Long Version is underlined by the Lorinser light-alloy rim RS 8 available at

the Winnenden company in the dimensions 9x20 inch front and rear. Technology

partner Continental provides the elegant aluminum wheel with 255/30 ZR 20 tires.

Alternatively and equally striking, the Lorinser LM 6 rim is available. The wheel

with its spokes in turbine-like design underlines the extravagant character of the

Lorinser E-Class Sedan Long Version. The LM 6 is available in the dimension 8.5x19

inch front and 9.5x19 inch rear. The tires are also provided by Continental in

245/35 ZR 19 and 270/30 ZR 19.

We emphasizes again its innovation power by the Lorinser E-Class Sedan Long

Version, and sets new standards. Mainly due to the stretching by more than one

meter and the other modifications, the Lorinser E-Class Long Version is an unique

vehicle. Just pure luxury – like it is usual for Sportservice Lorinser.

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When I was in Vegas a few weeks ago I saw the SLR Mclaren Mercedes parked under the Valet "porch." After that I just can't look at other Mercedes the same. :cool:

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I wish they would stop building cars with stubby trunks. My '76 Cadillac Limousine (well, all my Cadillacs) have that nice, big rear overhang. Just what a real luxury car should have! And chrome and no "blob-type" styling.
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