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Strange Pop during Braking

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Hello all,

Recently I have noticed a strange pop when I apply my brakes. It only happens when the odometer reads 20 miles or less when slowing down. I was thinking it was my transmisison or rear differential causing the pop on the last gear it has to downshit. So I drove up a hill and let go of the gas so the car can slow down to a halt with no brakes applied and I didnt hear the pop. I just dont understand why the sound comes from the rear/middle part of my car. If the brakes are applied at a constant rate then there should be no pops when coming close to a stop. My pads and rotors are due for a change, I think, which I hope is what is causing the pop sound. The pop sounds like this --> "clack" and then the car stops. If anybody has experienced this and has some tips, it will be greatly appreciated.

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I may be a complete nub but the Cat has a Brake to shift solenoid that alot of folks say causes this sound your hearing... also if the last shop that changed your pads in the rear failed to re-install one of your retaining clips then you might hear a Pop or Clank when Braking.. but id check your parking brake assembly just to be sure theres nothing loose there.. also sometimes the brake line assembly will pull away from the bdy clips and when pressure is applied to the lines they can Flex causing the brake lines to Slap the undercarraige and may be causing this noise.. thats where i'd start and keep us posted, we'll help ya track that Gremlin Down..
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