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Merry Christmas to All on the CaddilacForum.

First my request, then the story.....

Anyone out here know of a good parts store/dealer, in Las Vegas, where I can purchase the 2 plastic/resin idlers (one blew, the other has noisy bearings) for the serpentine belt, and possibly a serpentine belt for the 4.9 litre (94 DeVille)??

Also - what price is about right??

The serpentine belt looks fine - no cracks, or shredded edges. I was travelling at about 35 mph - about 1/2 mile from home when the "battery not charging" message came on, and I lost power steering. I drove the 1/2 mile home - no "hot temp" warning came on or anything like that.

The car only has 75,000 miles +-.

But when I stopped at where we are staying, there was a bit of coolant boiling going on, we cooled down the rad and the boiling stopped - the electric fan had not even kicked on at all.

So I do not think any overheating went on...

ALSO..... I do not have a owner's or service manual. Is restringing the serpentine belt straightforward, or are there any Cadillac glitches I should know about??

I already tried my 1/2" socket, and the tensioner retracts easily.

Now - the long version of the story....

well, we are in Vegas........(that's good)

no, that's bad...we are stranded here when the the two idlers on the serpentine belt on the 4.9 litre blew
(that's bad)...

no, that's good - we made it to Vegas - after a 3-day, 1350 mile trip from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada!!!

(that's good).....

no, that's bad - the trip would have been a bit shorter if the fuel computer readout had told the truth.
- 90 miles east of Vegas, the fuel guage tells me that I have 6 gallons of gas and a range of 135 miles remaining.
65 miles later, the digital readout goes from 4 gals, to "E", and about 4 -5 miles later we are on the side of I-15. out of gas
(that's bad)

No, that's good... we covered many many miles of highway in desolate country (follow I-15 from Sweetgrass Montana - through Utah - to Vegas..)

result - 1 1/2 hour delay and about $20 in cell phone bills (long distance and roaming charges) later, we were zooming to Las Vegas again.

ok - so I am running out of good/bad scenarios...

The short version is - we are thankful to have put 1350 mile on the 4.9 L DeVille, and all our small problems happened within 25 miles of Vegas!!!

This car (I just bought it about a month ago, and did several small trips -under 250 miles per trip - to check things out) gave all 4 of us a great ride at freeway speeds (75 - 85mph) and averaged 22.5 mpg (US gals)overall.

Nothing short of wonderful.

Thanks in advance and a MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!!!!

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Honestly, I would just find a GM dealer and get the part there since you're kind of in a tight spot. I once had a "battery not charging" problem, but it was because the power steering wheel that the serpentine belts turns seized up on me and snapped my serpentine belt.

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This is a little late and I'm sure PinkPanther is already long home but I'll pass this along. I had an idler shoot craps about a month ago. I went straight to the local Cad dealer and the part which was in stock set me back all of $15. It sure wasn't worth looking around for a better price on that item.
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