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Storage slot...what is it for?

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Is there some particular purpose to that little storage slot to the left of the wheel on the dash?
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A small bag of marijuana fits in there very nicely.
its just a filler really cant store anything in there...For the upper level models the HUD display controls are in there so just a way to keep the same part.
its there because you bought the lesser stripped down model that does not include the HUD.
i never buy cars like that.
fully loaded or not at all..
Well excuse us.

We can't all get $18,000 discounts...
I'll going out on a limb here, But could it be for STORAGE of anything that can possibly fit there?? Enjoy that little storage hole. It took a lot of engineering and design work to place it there.
That's the reason the price went up so much on the 2014's, That's a $10,000 storage hole.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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