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Why go to the dealer and look at a V when you've decided to wait? Why go to said dealer when they have a loaded White Diamond, Gray interior, auto, every available option including recaros and suedey bits? Why go to the same dealer you bought your 2005 V from? Why go when the owner of the dealership remembers you and again offers you GMS pricing and even offers to pay over bluebook for your trade? Because I'm stoopid that's why.

Incredible car! Makes my current ride inferior in EVERY possible way. :banghead:
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Chris, welcome back. I knew you would be back. I know Caddy made this car with you in mind. They know you used to power shit, miss gears, break the differential and then punch the radio. Well they fixed the drivetrain and hid the radio, unless of course, you drive with the nav up, then it's a bigger target.

I have been trying to break my diff for about a month now, nope, can't do it. Did get the tire and rim warranty though, I went through 4 sets on my V1. Well on my way with this one. Congrats!
You've been hooked. You are now officially screwed. :lol:
I went so far as to block this site in my router last fall so I wouldn't be tempted to buy one to soon. My stupidity was in re-visiting the V at the Cleveland Auto Show in February. (I'd seen it and drooled :drool: at it at the 2008 NAIAS in Detroit already.) At that point, I decided to buy one someway, somehow.
I'm currently in my cooling off period. Something I never use to do prior to buying a car. I can tell you that the dealer made this very tempting. He met every one of my concerns with a sweetening of the deal. He's the same dealer that got me out of my 2004 V and into a 2005 V. If these guys would've been my servicing dealer I'd probably still be in a Caddy. Oh well, lot's to think about. This is literally the only car that could get me to buy another new car. The new Caddy is just that good. Pictures don't do it justice, articles just can't convey how much better this new V is. I sat in the white diamond beauty and everything just felt perfect..........EVERYTHING. Why'd it have to be so dam good!?
...and how long is said cooling off period going to last (asks another long time forum junkie)?
HOLY SMOKES! Keeks! Where have you been, man?

Hey F!

I've been here lurking occasionally. Looking to move my 04 onto the racetrack full time and upgrade to one of these new-fangled V's. Was hoping the "buster-of-all-that-is-rear-end" (CVP) would share some of his car shopping skillz with me.
stoopid? no. you're a dumbass...

I drove a V2 at Monticello last November. And I'm not buying one until 2010, dammit! We're both dumbasses...
So where's the pics of your new Ride?
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