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Don't think so, it made the top 10-25 most stolen cars in the US:

1. Toyota Camry
2. Honda Accord
3. Honda Civic
4. Oldsmobile Cutlass/Supreme/Ciera
5. Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee
6. Chevrolet Full Size C/K Pickup
7. Toyota Corolla
8. Ford Taurus
9. Chevrolet Caprice
10. Ford F150 Pickup
11. Dodge Caravan/Grand Caravan
12. Chevrolet Cavalier
13. Plymouth/Dodge Neon
14. Pontiac Grand Am
15. Nissan Sentra
16. Ford Explorer
17. Ford Mustang
18. Oldsmobile Delta 88/Royale
19. Buick Le Sabre
20. Ford Escort
21. Cadillac Deville
22. Chevrolet Full Size Extended Cab Pickup
23. Plymouth Voyager/Grand Voyager
24. Nissan Maxima
25. Toyota Pickup

Any car is stealable.

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Any car is stealable.
So true... A while ago someone tried to steal me Deville or at least break in. The weather stripping was all ruined on the drivers side. So I invested in a Python 2 Way Alarm with remote start, kill switch, glass break sensor, and even two tilt/motion alarms in case someone even tries to steal my rims. Even with all this its steal possible to steal any car.

But from what I've seen and heard theives are smart nowadaysin my area they just get a tow truck and literaly roll out with your car.

BTW heres tip keep your car clean and dark tint causes people to become :suspect: and break in your car so get it dark enough so you feel some privacy and let people can look in and see theres nothing to steal.
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