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I am currently researching the best way to integrate a computer into my car (01 SLS), for Navigation and music playback. I've been planning to do this for years, but just recently acquired a car that is worthy. :worship:

But, my question is how good the Delco HU really is.

Reason I ask is I wish to retain the steering wheel volume controls and warning chimes. Onstar would be a worry, too. But it's dead in 2008 anyway.

My thoughts right now are to get an adapter to turn the CD changer port into an AUX, and run the sound through that. I would also fabricate an extension cable in order to mount the HU in the trunk.

One issue I know right off that bat is that I am not happy with the fact it does not have line-level outputs. Likewise, I do not like using the line-level converters.

Would you say I'd be better off buying a new aftermarket HU and researching methods of integrating the sound controls and retaining warning chimes (I have seen modules for such)? I did find one method of steering wheel controls that converter the outputs to IR, which might actually be nice because I could then utilize the SEEK button on the steering wheel with the computer itself.

What I'm after is high quality sound. So everything really boils down to if the Delco HU is of good sound quality compared to an aftermarket (Higher end) HU. I would change out the speakers in either case.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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