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This question has probably been somewhat answered but we dynod a few cars today.
04 cts-v magnaflow and intake no tune 68k miles - 321hp 319tq
05 cts-v bone stock 66k miles - 319hp not sure on torque
05 cts-v bone stock like 32k i think - 331HP

all on the same dyno done the same day within an hour of each other
yup i did 331hp 330tq
on my 05 cts v, and not even one single mod yet!
Those are the kind of stock numbers that people were running on DynoJets four years ago (about 292-305 on Mustangs).

I bet if you ran the same car with, say, one or two hour intervals between runs, you'd get +/- 1% rwhp/rwtq type numbers all the time ... it's just the expected test-to-test variations.

Mine was 350 rwhp (DynoJet, SAE corrected) with headers and StealthV tune. I figure that equated to about 320-325-ish rwhp stock. That's right where most other people are stock. Yeah, some are a bit higher and some a bit lower (those guys don't post, though). :rolleyes:
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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