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First off thanks for any help you can offer!!
1)I will look to see if it revs abit high, it seems to start normal with the slight fluctuation from the cam at idle.
2)Off idol it runs normal no sputtering, smooth acceleration, etc. it is just when I let off the gas to shift to neutral or downshift and the rpms drop to idol it doesnt seem to catch itself around the normal range of 700-800rpm it will drop down to 500 sometimes 400 rpm then the computer seems to compensate and kick them back up. This seems to happen mostly in the first few minutes after startup. Most common right after startup if Im backing out of parking spot or go to leave and shift to neutral at stop sign when the rpms fall back to idol the engine boggs down to low.
3)I have 27K miles
4)I have not changed the fuel filter yet but I would have thought if it was filter related I would have driveability issues also.
5)Ignition wires and plugs are original dealer says good to 100K
6)The only mod is a lingenfelter intake but it has been installed all along even previous to current issue.
7)I am planning on taking the car to be tuned by a local shop with a chevy block specialist but I wanted to make sure and fix the problem prior to doing so incase it was warranty related work, also I will be getting an exhaust probably the magnaflow so I wanted to tune after installation.

What I know for a fact is that this issue started after the battery was replaced and while disconnected I cleaned out the throttle body. The dealership has done the idol relearn and there are no codes being kicked. Of course like everything else it doesnt seem to act up as much when they have the car at the shop.
Thanks for the input

Naf thx for the input I posted an reply w/ answers to questions. Look forward to any help you can offer!!
Check your Timing Chain for rattaling and lead at tip of oil dipstick

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