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I was just wondering if anybody has had the same Issue that I have been having my my CTS..In the morning when I first turn the steering wheel I alway here thise noice from the steering like if it is rubbing on something or if the sterring was loose..I dont know how to explain it really but it only happens when the engine is cold.. once I drive for a little but you can hear it anymore....its not a loud noice but it does bother me to hear that...If anybody understand what I wrote and can give me some feedback that be cool
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Check your power steering fluid level.
Yeah the powere steering fluid is good
What year is your car? Warranty?
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I agree, 1st thing to check would be your fluid. Next would be your belt.

Like RT asked, is it under warranty still? What year & engine? How many miles? You have larger tires/wheels on it?
after you check those, put some bar soap on the belt. start your car, then place bar on the inside of the belt. don't get caught in the belt, take off all jewelry, neckties, and wear short sleeves.
If the belt is slipping it could either be the belt is worn & needs replaced or the tensioner is bad.
i could be just glazed abit, trust me soap will do it. its only doing it while his car warms up. but ya make sure your belt isn't worn first.
Does it have to be soap, or can it be Zest?
it is a 2005 CTS 3.6 it has about 24,000 miles still under warranty... I havent checked the belt yet but that is my next step..Hope this work...I wanted to take it to the dealer but if it doesnt do it all the time. im sure the dealer will probably just say there is nothing wrong with I figured since we have a lot of people here that now way more about cars than I do I woulds try you guys first..
has to be irish spring
Ha ha ha!!!

My belt started squeaking at start up at about 35k. The dealer replaced the belt, no questions asked.
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