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Steering wheel shaking at low and high speeds...

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I am figuring the tires need to be balanced. I thought that this was only the case if the wheel shook at high speeds.
When I am getting on the highway ramp (for example) maybe going 20 or so and taking a soft turn, I feel the wheel pulse a little bit and I know that is not normal.

Is this just a balance? I have spent ALOT of money fixing this gem up, I don't want to keep spending if it won't fix the issue.

Lastly - probably not related, but for good measure: I will be replacing the brake pads it ok to balance first then do the brakes? I really don't think it matters in either order, but I just want to make sure.

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Cleaning will not help a squeak. A squeak is a vibration set up between the pad and the rotor (cheap pads will sometimes do that) OR the pad wear indicator tab contacting the rotor.
Alignment won't cause a vibration. Wheel balance is the most likely cause.

Hard as it is to believe, bad motor mounts have been found to be a contributing factor.
Ok he did mention that as well. Is that a big job to fix?
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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