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Steering Wheel Controls

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So, week 2 with the bummed foot and ideas are brewing. At first, I was going to try this on my own but honestly, I need some help. I saw this scan gauge on the internet

and was going to be boring and put it in the cigarette lighter/ashtray door under the a/c unit. Then I got to thinking about it and decided it would look much cleaner/cooler if I got the gauge, tore it apart and had it displaying on the instrument cluster in place of the digital speed/ gear select indicator display. Unfortunately, I can't just outright remove the LED display because it also has the turn signal indicators and without those I can't pass a state inspection. To work around this, I was planning on buying the gauge (it is a 2 1/16" diameter gauge with a 7/8" diagnal size display) removing the casing, and placing it over the LED display while still having my turn signals visible. I would like the finished product to look like this:

On the gauge, there are two buttons that you push to toggle through the data readings, one button is for the top half of the display, the other for the bottom half. If I tear it apart and have it up in the instrument cluster, I need a remote switch that can do the toggling for me and I was thinking the talk/end call button on the steering wheel would be the idea choice. So here is the information I would like to know:

1. Does this sound like it might work?
2. If so, what are the color of those wires for the talk/end call switch?
3. Is there any switch or error messages that might come up if I cut those wires and use them for this application?
4. Does anyone have their dash apart and have the distance between the turn signal indicators?
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Have a feeling you're in for some problems.

First, because it's reflected, the upper display unit of the cluster is a mirror image. Second, the steering wheel switches aren't well suited for any other use because they're not normal on-off style switches. Each of the steering wheel switches add a fixed amount of resistance to a single circuit called a "resistance ladder". By measuring resistance through the circuit, one of the computer modules can tell which switch(es) have been pressed and then issues commands via the serial data line.
I was thinking the switches operated like that. I saw some pics of some dissected steering wheel switches on the 98-99 setup and saw they had the same style as a playstation controller (the resistance measuring setup). I was hoping the the 00-04 switch operation was different. Oh well back to the drawing board, thanks for the info on the switches.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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