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steering wheel controls not working

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I have a 97 STS and just had my steering wheel controls (volumn, cd changer controls, air temp control...) stop working. This buttons on the dash for these same steering wheel controls do work; its only the steering wheel controls that are not. I believe I checked all fuses related to this area; cluster fuse in the trunk compartment, all are fine. My next step will be to inspect the entire steering wheel column for possible fuses or disconnected wires... Has anybody had this problem? I'll greatly appreciate the help.

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Remove the airbag fuse before you do anything. It should be in the fuse block under the rear seat. Then there should be 4 screws or release pins on the back side of the steering wheel that need to be removed or released. The airbag should then come off. I just pulled the one on my daughters '99 SLS to replace a switch. Treat the airbag like a loaded gun and never put your head in the line of fire. Also keep in mind that when it is on a work bench in the inverted position, should it deploy (not likely but anything is possible), it will launch like a rocket.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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