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Has anyone replaced their '05 - '07 steering wheel button lights? My far right one suddenly went 2x brighter for a few weeks then went dark. A month or so later it came back on 2x bright for a couple of days then went dark again and has not come back on in many months. Now my far left is 2x bright and has been that way for a couple of months so I suspect it's on its way out too.
Is this a quick and easy fix or is it '$600 replacement steering wheel' time (heated wheel quit over a year ago).

Also, passenger door lock button light is out. Does the button have to be replaced or is there a bulb???

Thanks for any help!

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Either the buttons are replaced or you get good with a solder gun.
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I posted a way I did mine, AND you have to be VERY GOOD with
a soldering iron and meter, If I find it , i WILL post a link. "Here it is":
On a 2006 STS.
I just completed renewing two of my steering wheel lights, on right side, and had some trouble.
Here is the procedure to get into there:
Lets break this up into two segments, those who are replacing the little circuit board,
and those who are very qualified with a soldering iron and "METER" !
Both procedures require you to dis-assemble the steering wheel air bag and the assembly
for the buttons.
Tools needed: straight slot screwdriver, very small phillips and small slot, t-20 torx driver,
First locate the 3 holes behind the steering wheel, get a regular straight slot, and turn the
wheel so a hole is positioned at the speedometer, insert the screwdriver, and turn slowly, until
it locks into something, then turn to release that section of the air bag cover, turn the wheel to the second hole, same way, and release that section, and the third hole, the same thing, NOW the air bag is loose to pull away from the wheel, one small TAN push on wire is attached , IT IS FOR THE HORN,
disconnect it and let the air bag holder fall on the two big wires attached, the car is OFF so the air bag will NOT deploy. look and you will see two black Torx screws, remove both, and gently pull the switch holder assembly toward you, from the three points, they are ONLY pushed into these points.
Remove the plug assembly for the steering wheel heater, this is what you need the small flat screwdriver for,
now rotate the assembly, to look at the bottom of it. There are electrical plugs to release on each
set of switches, unplug them , and on the switches there are 3 small philips screws remove then and the switch assembly will come off, careful, there are two plastic actuators, that fall out of the bottom of the switches, they can be put back later, so you can remove them, if you wish.
If you are changing out the circuit boards, you are almost done, and reverse the procedure, with the new circuit boards installed,and viola.....
If you are going to repair them.
Verify which pins are for the bulbs, the middle one, and another next to the middle one.
Mark them with a magic marker,
They are 12 volt bulbs, and the radio shack replacement bulbs NEED a slightly larger hole,
for the new bulbs, and actually connect on one side of the PCB, and solder on the other.
So a Fantastic solder joint may not get you connection to the bulb.
I had to use a tie-tie, as it has a single wire, very small to make connection the board could
NOT give me,You may NOT need this jumper. This is a jumper to make it work..
When finished verify with a meter you have connection,
to the middle pin, and the pin next to it, by connecting your meter across the pins, and shorting
the connections of the bulbs,it should go to 0 ohms.This verifies connection to the bulbs.
The Radio Shack bulbs I used were 272-1154 12V 50 ma.About $ 1.50 each.
you need to hand drill the holes in the PCB a little larger, to accept the new bulbs.
Scrape the contacts for soldering well, and use a flux for fast soldering.
You can test by plugging the PCB only into the socket and turning ON the lights.
Then, reassemble and enjoy !
OH YEAH, I tested my Steering wheel heater, and it "IS" burned out.
OH YEAH the old bulbs have a condom on them, BLUE, and are reusable to the new bulbs. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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