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this is a steering wheel i am interested in possibly purchasing to replace my base deville wheel, i have a coupel of questions for those who may or may not know anything about this

firstly, how hard is r&r of the steering wheel?

second, this steering wheel is heated, mine was not if i install this, will i be able to use the heat feature?

third, the following controls are on this wheel:
temp control
volume control
cd track or radio station selection control
cruise control on/off switch
cruise control set/cst res/acc controls
phone controls
steering wheel heat con/off

my wheel doesnt have the steering wheel heat or the phone controls but has the fan controls (for ac) will it be difficult to wire this correctly?

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Looks like the auction ended. I wish I had seen that myself. I have that wheel (without the phone or heat) in my DTS but it's a little beat and some of the lights don't work. I don't know how the heat or integrated phone would work, but for that price it was in nice shape even if you couldn't figure it out. The temp and radio controls probably would have worked fine.

I would definitely have tried to figure out how to make the heat work. Just yesterday I was thinking to myself how nice it would be if I had a heated steering wheel. I'm not sure how it's controlled, but the seats have their own modules. I would imagine there would be a separate module to regulate the steering wheel heat.

Maybe someday I'll make that mod. In the meantime I'm just going to put in a remote starter to heat the car up before I get in it. I got one with a few extra onboard relays so I can turn the seat heat on too.

To answer one of your questions, steering wheel R&R is not that hard. You need a puller, but other than that no special tools are required.

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