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Steering "thumping"

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My 01 STS has a subtle thumping sound whenever I turn the wheel (left or right). This happens when the vehicle is stopped or moving at under 5 mph. At higher speeds there is no thumping and all works fine. My wife says it sounds like I'm driving over some bumps in the road, only you don't really feel anything - just the thumping sound.
I have an extended warranty and would like to know what the problem is before going to the dealer. More importantly, will it get worse or is there some danger.
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Hi. Can someone pick up the ball re the thumping problem?

I was thinking along the lines of the variable steering or variable power assist. My understanding is that the steering effort increases as your speed increases. That is more power assist is supplied at lower speeds - the most assist when the vehicle is at 0 mph - this is when I notice the thumping. Is the power assist kicking off and on erratically, producing the thumping? Just a thought.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


There have been problems with the intermediate steering shaft that I have seen posted here that are somewhat similar to your description, although thumping is not usually the word used. It could also be a magna-steer problem, but I have not seen anything here about anyone having issues with that unit. As long as its repeatable you should be able to get a tech to find it, especially under warranty.
My o1 STS has the same problem ... a thumping or creaking sound felt through the steering wheel.
Many late model gm's suffer from this, and there are tsb's mentioning an improved intermediate steering shaft.
If you have warranty, take it in. Make sure they don't simply grease the existing shaft.
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