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Steering problem on 2005 STS

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my '05 sts-4, v/8 has no power steering when idling. when i accelerate the power steering is ok or if i put the car in park and accelerate the engine the power steering works.

need some advice.

thanks folks.

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First, check the fluid. If it is low, the pressure won't be high enough in the system to turn the wheels at idle. Also, remember that moving makes the wheels easier for the system to turn so to clarify, are you moving and at idle or stopped when this issue occurs?
first; thank you for a quick response and suggestion on my steerring.

next, answer your question: when i am dead stopped, and in gear, it's a struggle to turn the wheel with both hands. when i step on the gas and start to move, the steering is ok.

also, when i am dead stopped, in park/neutral, and step on the accelerater the steering is ok.

by the way, i looked for the power steering fluid tank and couldn't find it.?????
where do i check/ad fluid?)

thanks again, (first time using this site. i like it)

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Steering cap with dipstick is right on the front of the engine cover. Has a little white two spoke steering wheel on it. It's one of the two caps that holds the big gray plastic engine cover on.

again, thank you.

i have a lot to learn about my recently purchased sts.

Was it low on fluid and did you get your problem fixed?
sorry for the delay in answering;

the ps fluid was a little low. i put enough in to get it between the two lines. didn't help.
it was suggested that the belt might be slipping and i should spray on some belt treatment. the next guy said that won't help. he suggested that the belt needs tightening and there is an adjustment that can be made. if the tightner is all the way to the end then i need a new belt, he said. that's where i'm at.

I would think you would hear the belt slipping if it were that loose. How many miles are on the car? I am not sure about STS but some of my other cars have had adjusting screws on the steering gear for pressure adjustment. Sounds like it needs to go to the dealership; either a pump or a gear. Is it leaking PS fluid anywhere? On the bright side, I can't imagine a situation where you would need to turn if you weren't moving!
there are 52,450 miles on the sts. (no warranty) absolutely no fluid leaks of any kind.
Dick62M ,I advise owners get some sort of extended warranty for their Cadillac because with all the gadgets I know some will fail during your tenture .I had my 05 1SG for a year and it's been back to the dealer about 7 times under warranty of course so I'm speaking from experience and now it has to go back again for a new leftside headlight composite due to moisture retention and by the way my steering rack was replaced too. Good luck and please heed my warning and please purchase a warranty.and:welcome:
Either the power steering pump or the rack or maybe both are worn out. In my case it was a worn out pump. It didn't make any noise but the fluid was a little dark. When the car is cold it works fine. When it warms up and the fluid thins out the PS dies.
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