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Steering Effort Change?

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I don't recal this ever being asked/discussed:

I have been thinking for a while now, about the level of effort required to turn the steering wheel. For me it just doesn't require enough. Now I don't want to rewind to the no power steering days, but I like the more precise feeling I get with a bit more 'umph' required to move the wheel.

I know we have the variable effort steering, which lessens the amount of power steering boost, the faster the car travels. What I don't know is how it actually works. Is this something controlled by the PCM, or by another computer in the car? Or is it something 'hard coded' or set mechanically that can't be changed?

Could a solution be as simple, as putting a larger pulley on the PS Pump, to get it to turn less/engine rev? Or even better, flip a few bits in some non volital flash somewhere?

Just wondering,

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you sure that you dont have a PS sensor out.. I have heard of that happening...

It provides much more assist when the car is not moving and it was like that all the time for some people when their sensor died...

Chris - Naw - you're just getting older. Spend more time at the gym, less time at work. :stirpot:

Just to clarify. I want it to be harder to turn the wheel, not easier. While it doesn't feel like a Buick right now (or for that matter any older Cadillac), the effort required to stear is not enough. I would think that the car would 'feel' like it handled better, and you'd getter a better 'road sense' if there was less power steering boost.

My first car was a '79 Saab 900 with no power steering. I loved the way that steering felt :D

No one else interested in this?

I just want a smaller steering wheel. Too bad that the time is gone when you could just go out and buy a simple momo or other replacement.....

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6104696 said:
I just want a smaller steering wheel. Too bad that the time is gone when you could just go out and buy a simple momo or other replacement.....

I hear that.

Any way to address this issue with our current cars though?

I agree. :crybaby: The steering effort or turn-in during slow or normal driving speed is not good. It's clearly too light in my car. On the track the steering is great but clearly fails during normal driving. I had a porcshe 911 and it's turn in at low speed made you want to gun the car going in and coming out of the corner becuase you had excellent steering feedback and control. Sometimes I feel that my V is like spanking a little puddle for its bad habbits; you get frusterated but always love the damn thing.
Variable effort steering on the V is controlled by the EBCM. (brake control module)
There is a variable orifice type solenoid valve on the side of the rack and pinion that controls fluid flow to the steering gear based on EBCM data, a little software which controls the voltage to the solenoid making the steering easier at slow speeds and harder at high speed.
I know of no way to change the calibration values of this system.
It's controlled by the solenoid and not by pump output. The pump is just a regular old power steering pump.
To reduce the amount of assist needed the system is deactivated, meaning if you disconnect the solenoid it will be easy to steer all the time.
There is no way to bypass the system without setting codes and turning lights on. :(
Check this thread.

Rick provided a really good article on how this works, which is a longer version of what will said above.
Wonder if you could put a restrictor somewhere in the pump outlet or pressure line? Of course, restriction used to be a problem in old Corvettes. They were OK on the street and then starve for pressure on the track. Test thoroughly if you try going that route!

What kind of tires are you running... still on F1's? How's the tread? I just put on Potenza RE050A's and the steering got lighter at all speeds!
This will give you an taste of what you can possibly do. Further research will need to be done on how the Magnasteer operates but I am sure it is similar.

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