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status code 4800 for a week already

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Waiting on our car has been a while but why is it now taking so long after car is bayed, been like this for 7 days now.
My dealer got 6 of em yesterday as i passed by to snoop, but not mine.
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Status code 4800 or 4B00? There is a difference.
I believe it is 4800

What is the difference please.???
they say it has landed apparently. just waiting to get shipped to my dealer
If it landed at the dealer, it should now be at 5000 event status.

4B00 means it is bayed at the factory which is a fancy way of saying the car is being stored at the factory lot or at an adjacent lot.
4800 status doesn't exist.

If the car shipped from the factory to the dealer, it should be at 4200 status which means it is in transit.

Here is the guide:

1100, Preliminary order accepted
2000, Order accepted by GM
2030, Order re-edited (if necessary)
2051, Order changed thru Web
2500, Order preferenced
3000, Order accepted by production control
3100, Order available to sequence
3300, Order scheduled for production
3400, Order broadcast
3800, Order produced
4000, Available to ship
4104, Bailment Invoice
4200, Shipped
4300, Intermediate Delivery
4B00, Bayed
5000, Delivered to the dealer
6000, Delivered to the customer
9000, Order Cancelled
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Could you check on an order for me as well please?


Thank you!
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