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Static while playing CD

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Hi Guys,

I have the 2007 CTS. I got the Bose Speakers, DVD, XM Radio. I have experienced a problem which is very unpleasant. I have noticed that while playing a CD, I hear a static. This problem is not occuring all the time. Its just really frustrating. I normally switch to the radio and switch back to the CD and the problem is fixed. There are times, I end up doing this 4-5 times. At first I thought it was the CD, but the CD works perfect in my friends Merc or G35. Has anyone had this problem or knows a solution? Any help would appreciated. I just hope its not a bad piece :-(
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I have had this happen once to me also. I did the same thing you did, switched back to the radio then to the CD. It hasn't happened since, but I would like to know what you find in case this becomes a more frequent problem. BTW, I have a 2006 with the Bose system.
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