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starting problems (nothing happening)

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Can anyone help me out? I just bought a 1979 cadillac coupe de ville and two weeks ago it was running fine and when i went to start just the other day i got nothing not even a clicking sound from the starter. The car did side for a while but no one touched it. The battrey was dead. so i charged it but the extintion cord i was using was no good. My cousin said he smelled smoke and seen a spark from the battrey when we tried to start it with the charger and the bad extention still conected. but the problem was there before we tried. i went and bought a battrey but that did nothing. the car does have ana alarm and there is a very large sound system in the car. Could i have burnt out the fusible link? Does my car have a fusible link? i have no idea where to start.

thanks for everyone's help.
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You used an extention cord to charge a car? Was there at least a battery charger at the end of said cord?

So you know the battery is charged now and the connections are corrosion free and tightened down, correct? Do you get any power to the electrical equipment like the interior or head lights, instrument panel, etc, or is there no power anywhere?
If you follow the positive cable from your battery, the fusible link should be located somewhere near the firewall. Never had one go on me, but that is what they are there for.
If the Cad has the 5MT starter, they have common problems eating the armature (spinning thingy in starter, commutator, etc) from corrosion. Which gives a no start like this.
I found the problem this afternoon. it was the starter. it was dead! I replaced the starter and now i am cool. thanks for all your help.
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