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"starting disabled theft problem"

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Ok so I have the 2005 3.6l sts I got my new engine in today and it says "starting disabled theft problem" I have tried everything I seen on this site about disabling it. As far as putting the key in the door, pressing the button on the FOB...none of those are working. The FOBs do lock and unlock the doors, radio and everything works it just wont start for me and the message wont go away. UGH I really just want her back on the road lol. How do I fully/completely reset this system. Any help or Advise is need. Thanks ALL.
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That procedure isn't for a 2005 & up STS.

I'm not confident re-learning the fobs will do any good but it's not hard to do. There's a recent thread on the topic or a link in the 'sticky' at the top of the forum.

Since you need to rematch known fobs, put all fobs more than 30 feet away when turning the physical key 5 times in the drivers door lock. Don't go get them until needed and do so one at a time.

The procedure in the owners manual is correct but the versions posted on the forum are a bit easier to follow.
It only asks for fob 3 if 1 or 2 is within range. Put those fobs FAR AWAY until the car asks for fob 1.

Like I wrote before, I'm not optimistic, but I haven't read about theft protection sensing the engine; it's usually the Bose Premium Info-tainment system.

The hood-latch has been known to set the theft systm. Maybe someone else has an idea for you.


Don't try to guess your way through this procedure. If you don't have a manual, do plan on getting one. There are links to free pdf versions around here somewhere.
The settings are all stored in EPROM, which doesn't require power to retain memory. The Express Windows are the only setting that you should expect to lose.


Early build cars have been know to have a hood latch issue that sets the anti-theft system and prevents starting. Coincidences do happen sometimes.
The fob matching procedure has 3 counts down from 10 displayed on the DIC, for a total of 30 minutes, before calling for the first fob. Don't forget to press 'Lock' on each fob to complete that fob.

I urge you to get the correct procedure for your car before attempting to match fobs.

The STS cannot be started without a matched fob. Pressing Lock & then Unlock on a matched fob should reset any Theft Alert & unlock the Drivers Door (more doors may depend on config.)
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