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"starting disabled theft problem"

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Ok so I have the 2005 3.6l sts I got my new engine in today and it says "starting disabled theft problem" I have tried everything I seen on this site about disabling it. As far as putting the key in the door, pressing the button on the FOB...none of those are working. The FOBs do lock and unlock the doors, radio and everything works it just wont start for me and the message wont go away. UGH I really just want her back on the road lol. How do I fully/completely reset this system. Any help or Advise is need. Thanks ALL.
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That looks very familiar. I performed the same procedure on an SRX after replacing and reprogramming the ECM.
Did you use the ECM that was previously in your car, or did you get one with the engine you installed and use it?
I know on the 4.6L it's the silver can mounted at the left front corner of the engine with three large electrical connectors attached. I believe the 3.6L is similar. If you didn't use the one originally in your car, that will be the cause of your problem.
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