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I have a 96 etc,i am replacing all the positive cables,gen,start,fuse block.
My question is,i dont have a service manual for the car,i need to know the details on taking off the intake mamifold,and reinstalling it,torque specs,bolt pattern,etc...,would it be too much trouble to ask somebody to copy and paste the directions for me?

Otherwise i will have to purchase a service manual for the car,which i would,but being the holidays,i am a little strapped for cash,lol.

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1996 Cadillac Eldorado
NOTE: Vehicles are designed for starter mounting without shims. A single shim or
double shims may have been added to correct a noise or engagement
condition. When installing starter any previously installed shims should be
replaced in original location to ensure proper pinion to flywheel clearance.
1. Disconnect negative battery cable, then positive battery cable. Remove intake manifold cover. Loosen
fuel filler cap to relieve tank vapor pressure. Connect fuel pressure gauge (J-34730-1) to fuel pressure
connection. Place fuel pressure gauge bleed hose in a container and open gauge bleed valve to relieve fuel
system pressure.
2. Disconnect Intake Air Temperature (IAT) sensor electrical connector. Disconnect crankcase vent pipe at
air intake duct. Remove air intake duct and air cleaner housing. Disconnect transaxle vent hose and
vacuum lines at Idle Speed Control (ISC) actuator bracket. Disconnect vacuum manifold at throttle body.
Disconnect Throttle Position (TP) sensor and ISC actuator electrical connectors. Disconnect cruise
control servo vacuum hoses and electrical connector. Disconnect cruise control cable at throttle body.
Remove cruise control servo and bracket.
3. Disconnect accelerator cable at throttle body and ISC actuator bracket. Disconnect front bank spark plug
wires and position aside. Disconnect throttle body coolant hoses at throttle body and surge tank pipe.
Disconnect Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) pipe at throttle body spacer. Disconnect brake booster
vacuum hose at intake manifold vacuum fitting. Disconnect fuel rail ground wire at rear cylinder head.
4. Disconnect quick-connect fittings at fuel rail. Remove fuel rail bracket at EGR valve. Disconnect Positive
Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) hose at intake manifold. Disconnect injector harness main connector.
Remove 6 bolts and 4 studs securing intake manifold, and remove intake manifold.
5. Remove starter solenoid terminal "S" nut and battery cable nut. Separate wiring from starter. Remove
starter mounting bolts. Remove shims and note arrangement for reassembly. Remove starter.
1. Before installing starter onto engine, tighten inner solenoid terminal nuts to ensure they are secure in cap.
Starter failure may occur due to terminal or cap damage. Install starter and wiring. Ensure shims are
installed in original location. Tighten starter mounting bolts to specification. 22 Ft. Lbs - 30 N.m
2. Install intake manifold with throttle body attached. Tighten 6 intake manifold bolts and 4 intake manifold
studs to 89 INCH lbs. (10 N.m). To complete installation, reverse removal procedure.
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