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Parker wanted me to let you know he's going to be at HPE all day today. It's 1:45 right now, and he'll be there in about an hour. So swing by and see him....

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Stuck in the office today till 6:00. If he is heading back to Dallas tonight tell him to call me @ (936) 661-1960 and I'll meet him somewhere around the Conroe area. I'd like to meet him and check out his car.

Had fun man, thanks for dinner. I really liked the way the 505s look on your ride. I feel like a retard spraying the car with absolutely no bottle Thanks Chuck for bringing that up.:D

Enjoyed the ride bro. See my other post. Sorry, couldn't resist. Even with that bottle pressure your car is an animal. I was grinning all the way home. Of course it felt like I was driving a Pinto after riding in your V. I've been Dynamatting all morning. Just came in to take a break. Starting to think paying Chuck for the tune would be easier. I don't bend so good anymore.

Oh don't be sayin that. I've been looking forward to having you do it for me!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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