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'07 - 3.6l SRX RWD, '16 - 2.5l Subaru Outback, '95 - 4.3l S10 pu
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also does anybody no the distance of how fair the homelink work for a garage door opener

thank tim
Tim the range on my 07 SRX is not as good as my 03 Envoy. I improved the range by extending the garage door opener antenna to the outside of the garage using 50 ohm coax. Just unsoldered the wire that hung down, resoldered the center coax conductor to where the original antenna attached and extended to the exterior of the garage and attached the original wire antenna to the center conductor. Not perfect but now can open the door from 40 ft. or so. Should say I've got a metal door but the Envoy's range was easily double or triple the SRX
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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