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SRX Tow Hitch

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Have a brand new SRX factory OEM tow hitch still in the box with hardware and wiring harness, if anyone is interested.
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Hey, how's it go'n. Do you still have the hitch and wiring harness available? Is it pulled off as a used part, and is it a "factory" piece for the SRX? I am interested, if you will let me know your price and where you are located. I am in Tennessee, and depending on your location, it may be more in shipping than it is worth doing. Please get with me! :)


Oh heck!! I obviously didnt read the thread enough, duh! :thepan: I see it is new in the box. Just let me know the price and where it will be coming from to see if the shipping cost wont be a negative impact on the overall deal.

Thanks again,

1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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