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SRX service question

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My 6 disks CD player frooze and showed Mechanical Problems. The Cadillac dealer replaced the whole unit. My problem is when I brought the car new it had the dealer wood package on the radio and CD unit and the unit they put in my car didn't have it. I'm waiting for an answer about if they are going to put the package back on my car. I feel if I paid for it when I brought the car, they should return the car the same way. Has any one else had this problem.
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The "wood" is NOT part of the radio. It is trim, and shouldn't have needed replacement. Start squalking loud!
Actually, I think it might be. I suspect the fascia can be swapped between them but I think the radio comes with the wood or non-wood peice.
Well.....on mine, with NAV, it's separate. :)
Well there are two issues.

#1 is if it was original and stock with the car (a piece we are all not understanding is missing


#2 It is a "sticker kit" somehow put on the car cheesily giving more wood to the car than usual like this kit.


If it was just stickers, tough luck, but if it was an original piece, yes they have to replace it,
They were the original pieces that came with the car
Your car probably has a wood trim kit installed on it.
I have seen a lot of them.
What happened is the person who replaced the radio may have been like dumber than I can even imagine.
There are two things that could have been done that it is too late for now.

1. Send YOUR radio with the added woodgrain for repair. They fix the problem, you get your faceplate back with the woodgrain on it just like it had before.

2. Remove the faceplate from the exchange radio and swap your faceplate onto the new radio. Most of the faults lie in the disc changer or the unit itself. The faceplate only contains circuit boards and the buttons.
It takes 4 screws and a wiring connection or two to swap the faceplate from one radio to another.

I usually do the 2nd one as it is a much faster and reliable repair. Only once ever have I had problems because the problem was actually in the faceplate.

The position you are in now is you have to go back to the dealer and ask them why Stevie Wonder didn't notice there was woodgrain trim on your old radio and none on your new one. They should contact the radio supplier and see if they can get your stuff back or replace it for you.
You'll probably have to make some noise on this one.
They will have to locate the vendor that put the woodgrain kit together and order parts for your radio.

Good luck, you may need it.
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