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SRX Rear End Clunk

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I hear a clunk in the rear of my 2005 SRX intermittently when I break or make a turn. I can't determine what is causing this and it does not happen all the time. Has anybody else had this experience and, if so, how did you resolve it?

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If it is a rwd version, the rear axle may need some limited slip lubricant added.
Hello Inline6

It's an v6 awd, but thanks for your suggestion.

hey, i got the same issue, v6 awd...its a big clunk/thump in the rear when u turn and want to accelerate said he dunno...(i live in switzerland....not well informed dealers)...then i gave the idea it might be the real def, or axle or what the trasnfer case..anyways anyone who finds out let me know...
Sounds like the limmited slip coming in and out. I just picked up an SRX and noticed the same thing especially when it's cold.
could i have more information on what the limited slip thingy is? and how would i be able to replicate this for the dealer or atleast explain...mines happens intermitently.
Did you ever resolve the clunking issue? I have a 2005 AWD that is doing the same thing, especially in cold weather.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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