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SRX forums will be moving on 23 October

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Just a heads up that the SRX forums will soon be moving to the Past Cadillac Vehicles Discussion section of the site. The move is a bit overdue, since the SRX was discontinued after 2017. However, on the old vBulletin version of the forum, the SRX and XT5 forums were combined under a common parent forum, so the 2 SRX forums were still listed in the Current Cadillac Vehicles Discussion section. On this new version of the forum, the XT5 has been split off, so we're going to move the SRX forums.

If you have a "favorite" or "bookmark" or whatever saved in your browser, it should still work. I don't believe that the web address of the forum will actually change. But, just in case I'm wrong, I figured I would post a notice in advance. If you don't use a bookmark/favorite to get to the SRX forum, and instead go to the main forums listing, then you'll need to retrain your eyes to look in the Past Cadillac Vehicles Discussion section to find the SRX forums.
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Then why are you not moving the 2003-2009 and 2010 to 2017 CTS forum? It does not make sense to do one and not the other. I think the SRX Forum should stay where it is, just as the CTS Forum is staying where it is. The SRX Forum still has plenty of posts and interaction. It is an active forum. I do not like this decision.
Another way to do it would be to eliminate the Current and Past designations and use a single forum to list the models/generations in chronological/alphabetical order, with sub-forums under each model heading.

THAT would require some diligent key tapping. Probably best to do the "past" moves as AAIIIC suggests - when production stops, it's a past model.

Rhetorical question - What is the forum year cutoff for "Classic Cadillac" ?

This, is what I would prefer. Past makes it! I understand it gets to a point where there a very few cadi's on the road due to the year, mileage, etc. Perhaps have a section for that. But when there are a lot of a model/years on the road, keep it current imo.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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