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SRT4 whooped my V

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Pulled up next to one at the light. I wasn’t sure if he wanted to run (SRT4’s always seem to though). We both walked off the line; I was about a half a length ahead when I hear him jump on it, I do the same. SOB shoots past me like I’m standing still. I run it up to 6,000 hit second but I can’t gain, just holding even. Next light I roll down the window “how much boost you running?” “27 pounds.” Well at an elevation of 4,200 feet, I guess I can take being beat by a turbo running 27 pounds, though I think it would have been even had I been rolling at 3,000+ rpm (I don’t launch it).
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That's not a fair race.

Time for Maggie.
n/a vs blown = no race. You need a maggie. Then find that douche and hose him down.

Yeah, but he's still driving a Neon, and you're driving a CTS-V! A 2.4L four isn't going to last long running 2 bar of boost.

I remember guys dropping a 289 in a Pinto for go-fast street racing. They were still driving a Pinto (which was the same platform as the Mustang II).
to all you guys complaining that it wasn't a fair race, quit whining! The CTS-V has more than double the displacement. Run what ya brung. Period.
I've done my share dishing out a whoopin and I've been whooped back as well. Either way I always have fun, I'm no cry baby. There will always be someone faster. If you ain't gettin whooped now and again, you ain't pushin the envelope.
With 2 bars of boost, the SRT will be parked on the side of the road soon. Now if you race a stock one, the V would bury the crap out of it.

No matter what it is still a NEON, GASP!!!

The displacement would show easily here out west when the little 4 banger needs help getting up some of our hills while the Cadillac cruises by.
I had to post up on this. I don't know what it is about these SRT-4's but, realistically, I find at least one a week going thru San Jose, CA looking for an ass woopin'. Unfortunately, traffic is heavy and I don't even give them the benefit of showing them I want to play. I let them act silly. Some day, I will have my day on an isolated moment of SRT-4 vs. CTS-V Maggied.

However, I wonder why they seem to know to pick on me. Is it because of what's happened on this thread to the "V" owner that they find out on their forums they can spank us? Anyhow, one day I'll make things right for us. ;)
I feel your pain brother. I got my lunch handed to me by one of those things blowing NOS a while back. I do take comfort in the fact that he was driving a NEON and that he will rebuild that thing once a year for the rest of its days. Way to blend in with the crowd.
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