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SRT-10 Truck......KILLED!!!

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You may remember me posting about racing one of these a couple of weeks ago. Well this wasn't my buddy that I was going to race this was a guy I work with. He asked me if I wanted to race before we left work...I was like sure. Well we raced a little through town (kinda playing) till we got out of traffic. We rolled up to the perfect situation. A red light just turned red and we lined up side by side. I said wanna race to the next light...he said sure. We sit and wait for the green light. He revs the truck up to where he wants to launch and I did the V the same way. The other light was a little less than 1/4 mile down the road.

So the light turned green and we both lost traction but not to bad. I got about 1/2 a car length on him at the launch and when I snatched it back into 2nd I had about 1.5 car lengths on him. I hit 3rd for just a second when I had to slow down for the next light. He pulled up and said...."Well you got me". I had at least 2 full car lengths on him when we had to stop. :thumbsup:

Guys I didn't get the perfect launch and I can tell you I pulled away from the beginning without trouble. As a matter of fact I knew I had him so I went to 2nd at about 5000 RPMs…didn’t even need to get it in the 6000-6500 RPM range. :D I would have continuously pulled away faster and faster if we had more road...but we had enough to convince us both. My guess is I was up to about 95 MPH before I had to back off because of the next light!

His truck is bone stock. I was proud...that thing has 500 HP…it’s pretty bad ass! :yup:
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Nice Kill Joey!!! Was that before or after the header install?
After! And you should have heard my V. IT WAS LOUD going down that stretch!
Nice run.

It was a fitting reward for the aggravating, knuckle-busting process of intalling the headers. Not that the everyday sound of a header-equipped LS6 isn't reward enough!:thumbsup:

Nice Job, Joey. I know about the "sound" I have Katech headers, no cats, and Corsa Exhaust. It is SO LOUD under WOT above 3000 RPMs....but nice and quiet, just cruisin'......
Great Kill!! You all are very lucky to have friends who have these cars to race against. Also the ability to modify the V. Keep up the stories so I can live vicariously through you! :thumbsup:
urbanski said:
makes me want to take on moldy's viper again :devil:
Hehehe- I've been practicing urb's!!!! Plus the snake is getting boken in now, and I have been taught the proper launch technique so I'll be ready!!!!!:want:
Thanks guys! I think it was a pretty good kill. I know it's a truck but it's probably my best kill yet. I think it's the fastest production truck ever. Thanks again!
Good job

Was it the 2 door truck or the 4 door?

Once you got off the line even or better it was time to kiss the baby!
2 door. Also he is most likely one of the best drivers I know. He used to race professionaly. I have known the guy for 6 years. This guy is 45 and really knows what he is doing! Thats what made me feel so good!!!
Now that's the way to "Beat the Cubes", Joey!!!!!:burn:
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