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Squeaky Alternator

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91 deville has a regular squeak coming from the one of the accessories on the serpentine belt. I replaced the tensioner pulley and the water pump is only a couple of years old with very few miles on it. I've tried the stephoscope routine but could not come to a conclusion. Then I removed the belt and spun each and heard a squeak coming from the alternator. Everything else moves fine excpet there is a very slight play in the lower idler pulley. The water pump doesn't freewheel but it isn't hard to turn either. (Pretty sure it shouldn't freewheel with coolant behind it. Correct me if I'm wrong.)

So I'm thinking the alternator is the culprit. However, my battery charges and the pulley on the alternator spins just fine aside from the squeak. Should I pull it and take a look? Any advice is helpful.
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Sounds like a bearing. You could pull it and have a new bearing put in, but if you are going to go that far, may as well have then rebuild it.
Call me stoic or call me stupid but I hate paying anyone to do anything I feel I can do myself.

Where should I go to look for a rebuild?
If you can replace the bearing yourself, that is great, but I think they usually have to be pressed in. I'd check the yellow pages for alternator/starter rebuilders.
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