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Spy Shots: 2008 Toyota Corolla

Posted Oct 24, 2005, 10:30 AM ET by John Neff

Well, it’s not so much a spy shot as one of Motor Trend’s artist renderings, but we’ve always liked the creative types at MT and they’ve been known to sketch best guesses that get pretty close to the real thing. This pic appeared in the Sept. 2005 issues and MT Online just recently released it, as well. We bring it to your attention as the small car segment in which the Corolla competes is fiercely competitive, and it’s clear from this sketch that Toyota is adopting a new corporate face, at least for small cars, the resembles what we’ve already seen on the upcoming Yaris.

Quick bit of trivia – the Toyota Corolla is the best selling automoblile of all time, having surpassed the VW Bug in the late Nineties. (I am hestitate to correct this mistake - Steve :lol: )

Source: Autoblog

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Yes, although most people think of the Camry as being Toyota's flagship car, internationally the Corolla has been around for a lot longer, and you could argue that it built Toyota's repuatation, so I'm sure they will take care and not make it too ugly...
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