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Have been looking for a company that will replace my speedo Stepper Motor. Every website I contact all say the same... Not 2002. Anyone know of a company that does 2002?

03 cadillac escalade
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Here is a guy that might be able to do it
You might want to email him(I have been meaning to contact him about my mom's 02 cluster)
Tell him Evan Whaley sent you
Terry White
2824 Villa Venezia Ct.
Ocean Springs, MS

[email protected]

Here's the pricing breakdown:

Gauge cluster LED conversion $65(add $50 to do rebuild)
Replacement needles(optional) $50
Headlight switch $20
Cargo/fog switch $20
Steering wheel buttons $40
Climate control $55
Heated seat switches $35(pair)
4X4 switch $35
Front door window/lock switch panels $65(pair)
Rear door window switches $25(pair)
Factory radio $70
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