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2007 STS V6 last week check eng light came on code p0300 and p0304. Ordered coils from Amazon plugs iridium were non existent locally. I tried every parts store and GM dealer in town had to resort to platinum ac plugs. How will these hold up ?
The plugs i pulled were iridium 99,000 miles on the clock.
Also noticed accumulation of oil in throttle body,intake runners and hose leading to air filter housing.

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The AC Delco Professional Platinum plugs - 41-950 and 41-987 - used in the FWD V-8 Northstars were good for at least 100,000. No reason not to expect about the same from the V-6 engines.

The oil - carryover from the PCV system. Take a look at some of the small engines up in Current Models - there's no way to stop the oil carryover but you can install a catch can system to trap some of the oil before it gets to the manifold.

One of the members there, SC2150, is a Vendor who makes several catch can installations.
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