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Spark plug change, 2006 DTS performance.

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I am gong to replace the spark plugs on my 2006 dts, I know there,s a unit to remove for the rear plugs, is there any thing else that I should be aware of, the car has 83,000 miles, Thanks Tony.
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Well, maybe he wants to do it simply for peace of mind. I did mine recently as I had no idea if they had been previously changed or not. Now I know.

I used a 6" chunk of rubber fuel line that just fit the top electrode on the plugs. Made it very easy to take the old ones out and to start the new plugs into the head. Very handy on the rear plugs.
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This video is pretty helpful if you haven't seen it yet. Shows what you are up against for the rear four. BTW, that's where the rubber fuel line comes in real handy.
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