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sounds like a vacume ?

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Hey, i was wondering if anyone has had this problem or come across it... I recently had my engine swaped cuz the damn timing belt went due to and siezed tensioner.. Since the new/used engine has been in.. when the car is cold and you start it... a loud sucking sound that sounds just like a vacume cleaner starts... it goes for probally about a minute then stops.. and then while the car is still idle'in it will go again for about 10 seconds and stop and thats the last year hear of it until the engine is cold and restart it.. also when the car is warm you can hear a pumping sound from the passanger side by the fire wall .. this also cycles and doesnt always make the pumping sound.. more so than not though.. i know this car has an air induction system but i dont know anything about it... can someone help me out ?

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That's likely the compressor for the rear suspension. Does the LEVELING light come on while you hear the noise. Mine only lasts a few seconds before shutting off. You may have a leaky hose or fitting.
Actually, that is your smog pump and it's nothing to worry about.
Yup, it's the air pump for the Secondary Air Injection System of the car. Nothing to worry about like Boris said. You should worry when you don't hear that anymore, because the next thing you will see is a Check Engine light and you know what that means, $$$$$$$ off your pocket.
Thanks for your answers.. but my problem is that this vacume sound is really loud on start up... my neibours are being woken up in the early morning, thats how loud it is... It never used to be like this.. can anyone explain it ?
The pump motor could be going bad or there could be a hose off somewhere.
If it is that loud I'd say the pump motor is probably on the way out.
You should have the guy who put the engine in check it to make sure he hooked everything back up properly for starters.

Sometimes they go bad and make a lot of EXTRA noise.
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