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Soon-to-be new Owner

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Greetings all, Im about to be the new owner of my Dads 1989 Sedan Deville. The car is in mint condtion with very low miles. He wants to me to take over its ownership over the 4th of July. I'm new to this site so just wanted to introduce myself here. I'm very excited to also be taking this car on a 2000 mile road trip from SW Mich to to SW Calif. I plan on following Route 66 as much as I can over a 4 day travel span. Any insights on this journey with this model would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!!
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Congratulations. Contrary to most I like that body style a lot. Not familiar with the trip but I think you'll like the car. That's a 4.5 right?
:welcome: and congratulations. :D Post pics of the route 66 trip.

Welcome! Great cars! One of the greatest looking Cadillacs of all time IMO, but I should know, I've owned a '92 Sedan deVille for two and a half years. :D ;)
:welcome5: to the forum!
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