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I have an 08 with the upgraded stereo but no Nav.
most of my music is played directly from a USB stick that is left in my car 24-7. it contains about 1,200 songs and they are all arranged in folders named after the artist (no album identifiers) and I don't copy them to the built in HDD. All files are MP3.

So here is the problem. Some songs (seems to be totally random and inconsistent) either won't start or get part way through and then stop. In either of these failures the stero just goes quiet, no error messages and the stereo display still indicates that the song is playing.

I cannot fast fwd or rewind. pause and play make no difference. I can't even step ahead to the next song. The only way to resume play from the USB is to change folders. Obviously if the first song won't start or fails I can't listen to any songs from that artist until some other time when that first song might play.

While its not always the case, a song that won't play once usually isn't going to ever play. BUT, sometimes it will on another day.

To make this even more odd, if I take the USB stick out of the car and play from it in a computer (tried three computers) all songs work flawlessly.

Any Ideas?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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