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??? Song title and info only displays when adjusting the vol

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2004 model SRX. I do not have the navigation system. I am wondering how i can get the song and station title to appear constantly. When i press the up or down volume key on the steering wheel and continue to do so, eventually all the songs information will be displayed. Is this how it was designed or is there a setting I am not seeing? Thank you very much!!!!!!!!
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I think there have been a couple of threads in the past about this, but no answer yet.

You can adjust the volume, or you can set one of your display buttons to the function that toggles from clock to "info". But, even that only displays the info for a few seconds and then toggles back to the clock.

It seems that the non-nav SRX radio is the same as (at least) one radio on the CTS because a few TSBs refer to both on the same TSB. Its strange because I've seen photos and video of the radio on the CTS and they have the info continously displayed. Where is that mode???
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