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Stoneage_Caddy said:
Ok can someone tell me what the hell is "Carnuba Cleaner wax"? this is the 3rd thing of wax ive bought , and i later found out after i got home it too is "cleaner wax" .....
will this stuff be ok to use as wax ? whats the diffrence ?
i know we have some supporting vendors that deal in this area , what do you sell , how does it comapre to the mother cleaner wax i keep mistakenly buying ? i want regualr old carnuba wax in paste form , i want mothers ...but i cant seem to get away from "cleaner wax".....
Most over the counter wax products are cleaner waxes, they are fine for the people that "wax" their cars every 2-4 years because they offer abrasives and cleaners that will make the average car look better. People with new cars or people that really take care of their cars do not need a cleaner wax type product to use on a regular basis. Some of the non abrasive products you can use are Zaino, Klasse SG, Pinnacle and P21S. Synthetic "waxes" will oulast carnauba waxes 5 to 1 in durability.
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