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Something is missing and I don't know what it is!

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I recently picked up a 95 STS dirt cheep. I noticed when I was replacing th stock Bose system (fun!) that I seem to be missing some sort of module in the rear of the car. If you are looking into you trunk with the cover off the back of the rear seat there is a bunch of control boxes mounted to the back of the rear seat. On the drivers side of the car there are three boxes across the top in a row. I only have two. The unit closest to the center of the car is missing and the wire harness is zip tied up. Not sure what that one is but I only have a few codes showing in history, all relating to a blown right rear shock / air bag.

Any one knows what it is and what can be wrong if it was removed??????

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I don't know about a 95, but for the 92 models, the heated windshield control module went there.
I don't know about a 95, but for the 92 models, the heated windshield control module went there.
If the car was equipped with such. That probably was a option. His might not have it.
That makes sense because the harness is tied up way too nice for a backyard mechanic. What is a windshield heater, different from a defroster?
Is it heated windshield or heated windshield washer fluid?
I don't have that option on my car so don't have any particular knowledge of it other than what I read in the FSM. For what it's worth, the following is what the manual says:

The heated windshield system quickly clears ice from the windshield in severe weather. The window contains a transparent resistive coating. The coating heats when power is applied to it. Power for the system comes directly from the generator. The engine must be running for the system to operate. The system consist of special windshield, heated windshield control module, heated windshield switch, and a special generator. The transaxle position switch is used as an input to the system.
I do know that if you have to have a heated winsheild replace....plan on over $1500 to do it. I have never seen a caddy with one...even way up north here.

I think if you want a really high output alt tell them you have a heated windsheild.
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