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Someone enlighten me!

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I'm not an engineer, but since I've been driving i've noticed a few things.

If I put my car in 3 and punch the gas, the car seems to accelerate better w/o spinning the wheels (losing traction). Why is this?

What's the fastest way to get off a stop, start with the shifter in 3 or lower? if so, why is this?

I'm not interested in doing any racing, I just want to know why it works or if i'm imagining it. :rolleyes:

Thanks you guys.
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There are only four speeds. They shift 1-2-3-4. If you put the transmission in "2," the car will change the speed/harshness of the shift from first gear to second at WOT, often chirping the tires. This mode was originally intended for trailer towing, where the harder shift gets the tranny into the next gear sooner, which ultimately helps if you're towing a heavy load. The side effect that we enjoy is that there's a bit more satisfying take off.

The transmission does not start out in any gear other than first.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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