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2000 Base Deville (Now A Slightly Modified Mutt). 2014 E-250
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On my stock grille the paint was badly faded and the chrome was scratched some and had some pitting.
I ordered a new identical grille to mine. I also had custom
mix me the 4 stage White Diamond paint in separate spray cans.
I then very carefully taped off all of the chrome (it took me several hours)
and then painted the rest of the grille. The paint match was Very Close especially considering the stock paint had been subjected to 10+ years out in the elements!
After the final clear coat I carefully took off the blue tape and did some final detail work. I have used spray bombs for many years painting various things, but this may be my best work. It was near perfect if I had not accidentially put my thumbprint on one of the fins!
I like the base Deville's hood ornament. I've seen the DHS/DTS stock painted grilles and although they look nice, I like just a little more chrome. I think the combo of the white paint and the additional chrome (with the absence of the emblem on the grill that I also do not care for) looks just right.
I'll post pics soon...
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