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Some OBM wagon pictures before/after paint correction

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I made the error of allowing my dealer to "detail" my wagon after they repainted the driver's rear quarter 9 months ago. Their detailer put holograms in the paint. Then they put it through an automatic wash, introducing swirls all over my car. This greatly crimped my enjoyment of the car last year.

I finally took it to a high-end dealer (mostly deals in P-cars and other exotics, someone I know from Cars and Coffee in Cleveland, I had their detailer look at my car. The paint was an unholy mess. The only good thing is that the area repainted was the same thickness as the rest of the car. It turns out a two-stage paint correction was required to set things straight, about 14 hours of work. At the end, the paint was smoother than when I took delivery. I am simply in love with my wagon again! It's so scratch free and I'm now ready for Cars and Coffee.

Before and after pics the detailer sent me. It is incredible how many more scratches you can see in the right light, he used bright halogens and we saw scratches that were impossible to see in sunlight or normal indoor light. WOW.



Before and after on one section

Here's a few iPhone pics from when I picked it up about ten days ago:

Looking brand new other than my scratched up winter rims, which come off soon:

<----this site edits this particular picture link to add "cadillacowners" so you can't see the picture. have no idea why when it doesn't have the name of any competitor sites in it, it's just a random series of letters. Sorry!

Look at how my S2000 reflects so perfectly off the V wagon. I love it!

First order of business after garaging it and allowing it to cool down was this :) ;) :):

Now I go back to hand wash ONLY, and putting HUGE notes all over the car when I bring the car to the dealer: DO. NOT. WASH. DAMMIT.


Happily enjoying OBM perfection again....totally worth the $$$.
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tinman said:
Or am I better off getting one of the better aftermarket covers?
I have one of these OEM V covers on my coupe in the driveway. Perfect, snug fit. I've been using it for over a year now, and other than some fading, it's in great shape. I've been so happy with it that when gmpartsdirect had them on sale last fall I bought another to replace the one in use when it finally wears out.
I envy you guys with usable garage space. One day my V will have an inside home, when I can find another place to store all our junk lol! FWIW the OEM covers do a pretty good job of protecting the cars finish. :)
How well does the OEM cover protect against rain? If it provides basic protection, it may be worth taking along on road trips with me. I usually wash the car at arrival to a major stop or destination when possible (try finding a car wash in Yellowstone, where I went last year, LOL).
I hear you. I carried a full wash/detail kit with us during the '14 Power Tour. I even keep a couple of microfiber towels and California duster in the trunk at all times. The wife just shakes her head. ;)
To answer your question, it does very well protecting the car from rain and other contaminates (,dust, pollen, etc...) The snug fit ensures contaminates don't get underneath and cause paint damage. Rain has never been a problem either. I have pulled the cover off a couple of days after a nor' easter and found my coupe as clean as it was the day the cover went on! :)
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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